US Composting Council’s 20th Annual Conference

by earthfarms on January 25, 2012 in Industry news

Here at Earth Farms Organics we never feel like we have mastered anything, we always look at composting as something we can improve upon. So last week we attended the US Composting Council’s 20th Annual Conference in Austin, Texas. This conference had almost 1,000 attendees and nearly 100 exhibitors.

We went to Austin with the goals in mind of improving our composting process and learning about any new trends in the industry. We took classes on aerated static pile composting as a possible addition to our process. It is based on forcing air through the compost helping it break down faster and requiring less turning which means less diesel fuel usage. We also learned a lot about the direction the industry is heading. The USCC just hired an Executive Director in Michael Virga with the goal in mind of moving the industry further along nation-wide.

The best part about the conference though is not the classes or the exhibitors, it’s the people. With nearly 1,000 composters in one area the exchanging of ideas was in every conversation. We picked up tips from composters across the country from Oregon to New Mexico even some in our own backyard in the Raleigh area. We at Earth Farms Organics think this was a great event that really galvanized the industry’s efforts towards solving this nation’s waste problem. We’d like to thank the USCC for putting on a great conference and for their support of the industry. And to all of our new friends we’ll see you next year!