Earth Farms in the Gaston Gazette

by wfc on January 9, 2013 in Industry news

Jim Lanier will talk about dirt for longer than he’ll talk about the nearly 40 jobs his company created in the last decade.

An investment of around $1 million in a local composting operation, one that’s among the largest in the state?

He’ll get to that.

But he’ll expound on soil and sustainability before mentioning the way Stanley Environmental Solutions and Earth Farms Organics tithe, donating products and man hours to residents and organizations throughout the region.

‘They restored my faith’

Lanier, president of both ...

US Composting Council’s 20th Annual Conference

by earthfarms on January 25, 2012 in Industry news

Here at Earth Farms Organics we never feel like we have mastered anything, we always look at composting as something we can improve upon. So last week we attended the US Composting Council’s 20th Annual Conference in Austin, Texas. This conference had almost 1,000 attendees and nearly 100 exhibitors.

We went to Austin with the goals in mind of improving our composting process and learning about any new trends in the industry. We took classes on aerated static pile composting as ...