Our Products

Below are just a few of the types of products we offer. If you have any questions concerning our selection please contact us or visit our Where to Buy page for a list of our retail locations.

Earth Farms Organics Compost

Our compost is made from 100% recycled material sourced from the Charlotte area. This compost will give your soil the structure that encourages healthy roots, nutrients, and water retention plants love. The key to having great soil is having soil alive with microorganisms that help keep your plants healthy. Our compost will replenish your existing soil with organic matter allowing microorganisms to thrive, making healthy and strong plants.

Earth Farms Topsoil

Our topsoil is a 50/50 blend of compost and local soil, great for your gardens or as a top-dressing for your lawn. This will add the structure, nutrients, and water retention — just like compost does — while adding more mature soil to your garden or lawn. Topsoil is also a great planting medium. You can plant directly into it, without the need to work it into existing soil.

Earth Farms Garden Blend

This blend has a little more added to it than our topsoil. We combine our compost with rock dust to add more iron, sand to help it drain better, and some local soil. This unique blend works great in raised beds as it will help your bed drain while it retains the structure and nutrients.

Earth Farms Premium Blend

Our premium blend is a mixture of our compost and two other ingredients. The first ingredient is worm castings or vermicompost. This is organic matter that is composted by worms that concentrate the nutrients, adding more nitrogen and lessening the need for fertilizers. We also add perlite, which is the white specks you see in potting soil. Perlite boosts water absorption while helping drainage by preventing soil compaction. This blend is great to use in containers or as a boost to your existing beds.

For a list of our retail locations check out our Where to Buy page.