Some Suggested Uses

Fact: Compost improves soil structure and porosity – creating a better plant root environment.

Compost will put life back into your soil. Holding water like a sponge, our compost will cut back your plants’ need for watering and give them a slow release of nutrients. Looking to use compost around your home and garden but don’t know how to do it? Check out some of our project guides.

Container Gardens

Container planting is a great way to use your space efficiently or jazz up the space you have. Here are a few tips to consider when starting to plant in containers.

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Topdressing An Existing Lawn

Topdressing an existing lawn is a great way to revitalize your soil and reduce the need for fertilizer. Here are a few tips to consider when working on an existing lawn.

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Starting A New Lawn

Planting a new lawn can be a lot of work and can be costly as well. Before starting consider a few tips and begin with a good base of Earth Farms organic compost.

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Raised Bed Gardens

Raised bed gardening is a great place to start developing your green thumb. Consider these items to get you started out right to insure a healthy garden.

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