Earth Farms and Harper Park

by wfc on January 26, 2012 in Community Involvement

Here at Earth Farms Organics we are always looking for ways to get more involved with our community. We feel it is part of our corporate responsibility to give back to the communities that support our composting efforts. Through the years we have donated compost and soil to several different learning and community gardens. We have also donated compost and soils to several schools to help establish the turf on their ball fields.

Last week we were approached about donating some of our compost to help establish the baseball fields at Harper Park in Stanley, NC.  We jumped at this great opportunity to strengthen our commitment to the town of Stanley. Many of our staff live in Stanley and are very proud to be able to give back to the town that’s given them so much.

Last week we delivered 216 yards of compost to Harper Park, and for those unfamiliar with the size of a yard that was 6 tractor trailer loads. In the coming months they will begin sowing the grass seed in preparation for ball games this spring, summer, and fall. The compost will make their soils nutrient rich and water retentive helping the park safe money and the environment by not requiring as much fertilizer or water as fields sown into red clay.

The staff at Earth Farms Organics like to think we are partners in our community and are very excited to help give back. We’d love to hear about any other community projects in the greater Charlotte area that we could get involved in.