The Process

The 5-month process starts with organic material we gather from the Charlotte area. Everything we collect is tested to ensure we are not putting anything non-compostable into our mix, and to make sure we have our perfect recipe of nitrogen and carbon.

Once the organic material is mixed, we put it into a windrow to start the composting process. A windrow is a mound that is seven feet high, 12 feet wide and 300 feet long. As the material begins to decompose, micro-organisms fill the windrow, and it starts to heat up. After 30 days, the decomposing process is far enough along that the windrow is hotter than 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

Earth Farms Organics is permitted by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Resources as a large Type III Composting Facility. This means we follow a strict composting procedure and are inspected regularly to insure our compost is a high quality stable product. We test our compost quarterly, twice as often as required by the state.

In order for our organic material to meet state regulations, it must stay above 131 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 straight days and turned 5 times. This ensures the whole pile is incorporated into the hottest part of the windrow, making the compost pathogen and weed seed free.

At this point, the compost is considered safe for consumer use. But we continue the process for another 45 days, creating a higher-quality product. The compost is then moved to a curing pile for 80-120 days, then run through a ⅜-inch screen to remove any remaining mulch.

All of this extra time and effort ensures that Earth Farms compost is of the highest possible quality and consistency. We are very proud of our product and put a lot of love into making it so we are more than happy — in fact excited — to answer any questions you may have.

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