Have some Questions?

Looking to learn more about what we do and how we do it? Perhaps reading some of our frequently asked questions with also answer some of your questions.

What is Compost

Compost is the by-product of a controlled decomposition process of organic material. It is a soil-like product that is high in nutrients and its ability to hold water. It is also full of microbial life needed for healthy productive soil.

How does Earth Farms Organics make it’s compost?

Earth Farms Organics uses the open windrow method of composting. For a more complete description check out How We Do it.

Isn’t compost just old cow or pig manure?

NO! At Earth Farms we follow a state regulated composting procedure.  We use a specific blend of carbon sources (wood chips and cotton dust) mixed with nitrogen sources (food waste) to create a mix that gets to high enough temperatures to kill off pathogens and weed seeds.

What can compost do for my soil?

  1. Improve the structure of the soil increasing porosity and decreasing density to encourage a healthy root environment
  2. Increase the water retention allowing for more efficient watering (maybe irrigation)
  3. Help prevent erosion
  4. Improve the soils ability to hold nutrients by stabilizing pH
  5. Re-introduce and encourage microbial life by adding needed micro- and macro-nutrients