2013 Mecklenburg County Wipe Out Waste Award

by earthfarms on November 7, 2013 in Community Involvement

On October 22, 2013 Earth Farms Organics was nominated and awarded as Mecklenburg County’s 2013 Service Provider of the Year for their Wipe Out Waste Ambassadors Program. Earth Farms Organics received this sustainability award for its strong efforts to keep the surrounding Schools, Restaurants, Athletic Arenas and Food Processing Plants from sending their food waste to the local landfills. In 2013 Earth Farms Organics is projected to divert over 20,000 tons of food waste from the landfill by creating a nutritious soil amendment from these waste streams. In the video below you will see why Earth Farms Organics has been chosen for this year’s 2013 Service Provider of the Year Award.2013 Wipe Out Waste Award    Video -2013 Wipe Out Waste Award